So how did Mom’s Tamales come to be what it is now? Well, it all started long,
long ago in a place far, far away.  Actually no. I was a student going to a
community college and was about to get a job for the first time in my life. I was
blessed for having both of my parents who gave me the opportunity to go to
college and not worry about a job while I was in school.

I went to school for three years and I really had not learned enough about
anything to really say that I could do anything for a living. Eventually school
was out, and it was time to get a job. The only thing was, I always wanted to be
my own boss, but really had no idea about what to do.  In the past my parents
had worked in the food industry and thought it would be a good idea for me to
give it a shot. At first I wasn't thrilled about the idea, but for some reason the
more I thought about it the better the idea became. But what to sell? After
debating for a couple of days, and thinking of different foods, the one we
finally came up with was Tamales.

As I had mentioned before, I had never had a job in my life, which means I
didn't have any money to begin with. So to start up, my mom let me borrow
about $200 dollars. With that money I bought a couple of steamers, a cooler,
and the produce to start production. I remember the first time I went off to sell
tamales was on February 11, 2001 out of the trunk of my 1979 Honda Prelude,
and I remember I sold close to nothing.

Around that time it was raining pretty bad and nobody wanted to buy food from
a wet tamalero. A lot of times I came home with my cooler filled with tamales,
and so I had to reheat them and sell them the next day. Despite the tamales
being reheated, people were still complementing me on how good the tamales
were, even after they had been reheated.

I knew that the tamales were reheated and that the tamales could taste way
better if they would just eat them fresh. So I stopped selling reheated tamales
and always took fresh ones everywhere I went even if I had some left over
from the day before, I didn't care. After those few times in the beginning of
selling reheated tamales, I’m proud to say that I have not sold reheated
tamales ever again. And even though it was hard and costly in the beginning, it
was the way I wanted to do things to ensure everyone got the best tamale they
could eat. GUARANTEED.

It took me awhile before people started to get to know me and whenever I
went to new places I would end up giving tamales away as free samples, but I
didn't  mind because I knew that what I was selling was a good product, and the
minute people tried them, they would end up buying more.

The first time I sold tamales during Christmas I remember I sold only about 500
tamales. Which took me only about 6 hours to cook. After that first Christmas, it
grew more and more. To the point where one Christmas I had to stop taking
orders from people because there was no way I was going to be able to keep
up. That Christmas we had the pot going for like 24hrs straight. Non stop. We
were so busy. My Mom, Dad, Sister, Brother, Neighbor and of course ME were
all making tamales.
Fast forward 4 years and thousands of tamales later and we arrive at Mom’s

I named it of course after the one person who has helped me the most, my
Mom. But not just in honor of my mom, but also every mom who has ever made
tamales. Thank you Mom’s. Thank you for keeping traditions alive and for
starting new ones.

Today at Mom’s Tamales the only thing that has changed is our menu. We offer
pork, beef, cheese, cheese and spinach, green chicken, mole chicken,
pineapple and any other idea our customers come up with. We have only been
open for just a few  years and our customers are very happy with our tamales,
the same way we are happy to be a part of their special occasions. Now that
Mom's Tamales is here, one thing will always be true. No matter how big we
get. You will never eat reheated tamales at Mom’s Tamales. GUARANTEED.
3328 Pasadena Ave
Los Angeles , CA 90031